Van de Spek Lederwaren.

Van Der Spek Lederwaren

Father and daughter Van der Spek.

Van der Spek


The Van der Spek Company has been active in the market for more than 85 years. Currently carried out by the 3rd and 4th generation of knowledge and craftsmanship. Initially it was a factory of all kinds of frames, but over the years the focus shifted to the production of leather goods such as photo frames, photo albums, and office supplies with a turnover in the Netherlands as well as abroad.



Due to a continuous demand for more luxury leather goods organizers, agenda covers, and not to forget writing cases were added to the collection. With regard to writing cases the company grew to a leading position in the market with its own brands of Van der Spek, Cuero Tocino, and Luigi Raphael.


For the production of all these articles know-how, craftsmanship, and quality come first at Van der Spek. This goes for the choice of the to be processed leather hides as well as for other needed materials and haberdashery.  



A wide orientation and innovation are necessary to be able to meet and respond to ever-changing trends and wishes from the market. Our year-long experience makes it possible to react to specific changes or adjustments, especially when it comes to manufacturing substantial quantities. This includes personalizing products by means of e.g. name and logo printing.


By working exclusively with talented craftsmen, both at home as well as abroad, we manufacture products with the highest quality of processed materials and finishing.


Genuine leather!

Van der Spek processes a high variety of leather hides for all their products. These hides are tanned in an environmentally friendly and vegetable way. Leather is a unique natural product. Therefore small imperfections caused by bug bites or partly healed scratches are sometimes evident. Likewise, neck creases, and differences in grain and color underline the authenticity of this natural and high quality product.